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''Big Strong Man' Ewan O' Raw contends with a big strong crowd whilst The Wanderer doesn't miss a beat in his comeback match!
'Big Strong Man' Ewan O'Raw V 'The Wanderer' Michael Brian Frank (@ Rivals Gym, Wishaw, Scotland 17/12/22)
'Johnny Thunder & Scotty Riccio means double-trouble for Sami Sparx & Ewan Rowe!
Scotty Riccio & Johnny Thunder V Sami Sparx & Ewan Rowe (@ Rivals Gym, Wishaw, Scotland 17/12/22)
Sami Sparx is feeling the festive spirit!
Sami Sparx & Ewan Rowe V Johnny Thunder & Scotty Riccio (@ Rivals Gym, Wishaw, Scotland 17/12/22)
The Rivals World Heavyweight Championship and the African CADC World Heavyweight Championship are both on the line in this tense main event under CADC sanctioned rules.
'Bulldog' Ubaha Martin V 'The Shootfighter' Frankie Mooney (Rivals World Heavyweight Championship / CADC World Heavyweight Championship Double Title *Sanctioned CADC Rules* Main Event @ Rivals Gym, Wishaw, Scotland 17/12/22)
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